Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How To Make a Grow Bed (PART 2 - Mounting Support)

This instruction is for the mounting support that will go underneath the grow bed and is attached to the posts. Once the mounts are in place you just set the grow bed on top of it and secure it.

The above photo was taken when I was designing the mount and is not exactly what the final support looks like, but it does give you a good idea. An additional three posts(one 4x4 and two 2x4 posts) and a 4x4 support beam are added to the final design.


5 - 2" X 4" X 8' Studs
1 - 4" X 4" X 8' Post
10 - 90degree angle brackets(any type, make sure they are strong)
20 - 3" Deck Screws
50 - 1" Wood Screws or Nails

Cut your 2x4's at the following lengths:
2 @ 48"
3 @ 29"
2 @ 77"

Using the 3" screws, screw the boards together as shown in image 1 below. When done with the 2x4's, add the 4x4 beam with the angle brackets and 1" screws. I could try to explain it all, but I think it will be easier just to follow the drawing(image 1). Use the remaining angle brackets for the inside corners where the longer 2x4's are connected.

The green lines show where the posts will be once it is mounted. The grow bed will then set directly on top of the mount. Mounting instructions will be next.

Here is a photo of what it should look like when mounting the grow bed:

Get ready to dig for the next part. Oh what fun.


  1. Nice blog. I live in San Jose, and I'm thinking about setting up an aquaponic system too. Where are you getting your fish from? I'm leaning toward rainbow trouts if I can find a source. What's your email? You can reach me at aquaponics@slickgadgetz.com

  2. Sorry I didn't get to this comment sooner. I inadvertently had comment moderation turned on without email notification. I had no idea anyone posted a comment. I turned moderation completely off, so feel free to post again if you like.

    I ran into a problem at the end of summer that prevented me from getting my fish before the water got too cold. So now I have to wait until springtime.
    About using trout, I think you will have problems in the summer with the water being too warm for trout. That is strictly based on everything I have read about trout. I have never used anything but goldfish for my systems up to this point.
    I will be adding bluegill, catfish, and maybe large mouth bass when spring arrives. There are several places up here near Sacramento and one place in Davis that is about 10 miles from my house in Vacaville that sales catfish and sunfish.

    Here is a place in Berkely you might contact for information on stocking trout:
    1276 DRURY RD
    BERKELEY CA 94705
    (510) 325-7116