Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How To Build a Pond Frame Part 1 - Overview and Examples

For instructions go to part 2 HERE.

A frame is not necessary unless you have the need for it. It will help keep the dirt out of your pond area during DIY pool removal, as well as giving your pond sturdy sides. It will also help if you want a straight drop or perfectly sloped side.

Here are some examples of how a frame can be utilized.

Here is a 3-sided frame integrated into the sides of the old swimming pool.
Notice how I used it primarily to keep the dirt from entering the pond area.
The frame has angled sides to give the pond some slope on the left side.
It is important to add dirt to the inside corners and the bottom edge to keep the liner from being pinched.
You do not want sharp angles or gaps anywhere on your frame.

Once you have filled the areas with dirt, you want to secure padding to the wood,
then cover the entire area with a layer of fine sand.
Everything should be smooth to accommodate the pond liner.

This 3-sided frame was used mainly for a sloped side and a sturdy bog area.
I used some carpet instead of padding for the underlayment.

Here is the pond right before I added the liner.
The frame makes a perfect and permanent slope that will never get lumpy or collapse.

Here you can see an example of how a pond frame might look when used for a bog or other shallow type pond area.

Here is another angle showing an example of the same frame.
Notice how the frame is not complete, but it uses the pool wall is one of its sides. 

For instructions go HERE


  1. Great tips on how to build swimming pool. Swimming pools are one of the standard add-on to homes. Lot of people suggest me not to use the frames. I think you make some good points how to use frames.

  2. Hi Andres

    The purpose of this blog is for people to get rid of their resource hog of a swimming pool. Not to build one.