Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Pond Location

Have you ever wanted to see where your imagination can take you? This is your opportunity. It is like an artist starting a new painting. Except this is real art, art you can sit in, walk through, and "repaint" anytime you want. Your imagination is the key to your beautiful pond.

When I started looking at ponds for ideas on how I wanted mine to look, I was disappointed, for the most part, as most ponds where very unimaginative and looked like they were factory built. That is not saying that there were not any beautiful ponds or that all of them were unimaginative. I think the problem is that most people hire a contractor to do the work. Contractors are going to stick to the basic ideas they have been using all along. Most of the time, they are not going to build you anything that they have never built before. This is why I urge you to DIY or find a contractor that is an artist as well. The type of pond I found to be, IMO, boring and very unimaginative was the pond surrounded by grey stones, placed in mortar around the pond edge. I don't know how many ponds are of this sort, but it seems(or seemed) to be a very popular choice, for some reason. Come on, if you are going to build something from scratch, why make it as boring as possible? Why not have some fun with this?


Anywhere you want would be my first answer, but since this blog is mainly about converting a swimming pool to a pond, you will likely be limited as to where your pond can be located. It will be wherever your pool is or was. Not many options in this case.

If you are not converting a swimming pool, then as long as you keep it a few feet from the neighbor's property, in your yard, and away from anything structural that will be undermined by digging a hole near it(unless you want to do some expensive restructuring) you can put it anywhere you want.

A few things to keep away from:
  • Large trees that will drop leaves, needles, flowers, and such into the pond should be avoided, if possible.
  • Poisonous or messy plants.
  • Steep slopes that will dump rain water or dirt into your pond.
  • Locations where your pet defecates. Nothing is worse than stepping in a big pile when you are trying to relax. Plus the smell and insects will take any pleasantry away from the area. If you have to, retrain your animal to go somewhere else. I had to retrain my dog, and it was not easy. I eventually had to build small border rails to show the dog the new boundaries. She eventually got it, and I just took down the rails yesterday.

A couple of things to try and accommodate:
  • Keep the pond very visible from inside your house. Try to keep large bushes and trees to the opposite side of your pond and remove anything that will block the view.
  • Keep it close and easily accessible.


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  2. @AtWater

    I totally agree with you man! I mean, converting a pool into a pond all by yourself doesn't just require money or materials. You need creativity, cuz it's basically landscaping. You also need to be witty when thinking of ways on how to make the pond look as natural as possible.

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  7. Although I do not plan to convert my swimming pool into a pond or anything anytime soon. However, thanks for your insights. It may come in handy should I change my mind.

  8. What if my pool is under a 200 year old heritage oak tree that dumps leaves, pollen & acorns into it twice a year? (Not my dumb idea - it came with the house!)