Saturday, December 5, 2009

How To Make a Grow Bed (PART 4 - Mounting the Bed)

Mounting the Grow Bed

Materials needed:
2 - 2"x4"x48" Studs
1 - Box 3/4" Hanger Nails or 1.25" wood screws
6 - 1/2" Wood Screws(that is .5" not 6.5")
8 - 90 Degree Angle Brackets(any type, make sure they are strong)
2 - 12" Strap Ties
1 or 2 - Helpers to help you with the lifting of the growbed


This is what your mounting support should look like at this point...

Take 4 of your angle brackets and mount them as shown in the image below.


Add 2 more angle brackets to the top of the mount. Make sure they are exactly even with the top. The final two go as shown in the last image below.


Add a 2x4 to one end of the mount, making sure it is dead center on top of the 4x4 beam. Secure it with one of the strap ties using your hanger nails or your 1.25" screws. Leave a couple of inches above the stud.


Get your helper and lift the grow bed on to the mount. Set it down away from the edge with the strap, then slide it over. Make sure it is flush with all the edges and centered perfectly.


Add the last 2x4 to the other side and strap it down with the tie using your hanger nails or your 1.25" screws. Now get a few long screws and from the inside of the bed, put the screws through the bottom into the 2x4 mounts. Put a few screws into each of the boards that come in contact with the bottom of the grow bed.


Take your 1/2" screws and secure the bottom of the bed with the angle brackets on the top of the mount.

That baby ain't goin' noware once the rock is put into it. Good job!

Next we will add some trim and make it look good while making it more sturdy at the same time.

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