Sunday, February 7, 2010

Repairing a Grow Bed Constant Flow Drain

While I was cleaning some debri from one of my grow beds I accidentally knocked into the constant flow drain pipe. When I did, it raised the pipe up just enough to let a few rocks get under it. The rocks prohibited the flow of water enough to cause the system to not function properly. The water would never fully drain which caused the auto-siphon to "trickle" burps of water at the end of the cycle, preventing the water to fully drain, thus never filling back up. The rocks had to be removed.

So I removed all the rock surrounding the immediate area of the drain to repair it. Removed the rocks that were, by that time, all the way down into the drain itself. I added another base to the pipe protection, drilled more holes fro better flow, and put it all back together again.

Here is what it looked like:

This is the CF drain after removing all the rock and pipe

This was the original drain cover which was too small

This is the drain cover and pipe after adding a new base to the cover and drilling more holes

Everything is back together and before I put the rock back over the drain, I make sure everything is functioning properly.

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